We are giving away 1000 Nerva Coins (XNV) to the people who can best answer the question:

Why does Nerva and its mission matter to you?

Let your imagination run wild

Answer the question "Why does Nerva and its mission matter to you?" however you want. Check our website and social-media channels to make sure you understand what our "mission" actually is (hint: privacy, gpu and asic resistance). Do not just talk about privacy, but specifically how Nerva will impact the world of crypto. Feel free to also share ideas, potential use-cases and applications that can build on Nerva.

Your Response

Here are a few ideas of how you can answer our question above. You are not limited to just these ideas!

  • Make a video
  • Write something (a blog post, a post on social media, or even something as short as a tweet)
  • Make an image (photograph, meme, digital art, gif)
  • Create a simple website
  • Make a mural or tag some graffiti art
  • Organize a rally, meetup or other event
  • Make a Nerva cake and share it with your family, friends and post images online

Possible Examples


When you upload content, please tag us or mention us where applicable so we can see all the great content you are creating - otherwise we cannot consider your contribution.

  • On Twitter
    Use 2 hashtags: #blockchain and #nervacoin
  • On Reddit
    Post your contribution in the Nerva subreddit
  • On Discord
    Post your contribution in the crowdgift channel
  • On Telegram
    Post your contribution in the Nerva Telegram channel and ake sure to tag your submissions with #crowdgift
  • Other Plattforms
    Please share a Link to your Content in our
    Crowdgift channel on Discord

Selection Criteria

We are not asking you to shill Nerva. We simply want to find the people who are sincerely and genuinely excited about what we’re doing. It’s that simple. We judge your creativity, originality and your knowledge about Nerva.

selection criteria


The Nerva Team will be the ultimate judges. We would love to hear feedback from the community if a specific response really touches them and makes an impact on them, but we have the ultimate say as to who wins.



The top 10 responses will win a prize. The prizes are outlined below.

  • Gold
    2 people — 200 Nerva each
  • Silver
    3 people — 100 Nerva each
  • Bronze
    5 people — 60 Nerva each


Sunday, January 6th, at 10pm PST (California time).

As always, please let us know if you have any questions in Telegram or Discord. We look forward to seeing your responses!


Stay tuned